Sibanye-Stillwater strategising energy solution involvement

Energy solutions that reverse climate change are on the list of strategic differentiators that Sibanye-Stillwater has under scrutiny.

They envisaged involvement is at the grid storage end of energy solutions, where redox batteries, vanadium, and molten salt grid storage solutions that use antimony reside. The company’s focus remains on producing metals, but they do believe, over an extended period, that having some exposure to the downstream side of certain businesses is valuable and appropriate.

Also, in response to a question on the role Sibanye-Stillwater would play with other stakeholders to voice concern about illegal mining by Zama-Zamas, Froneman said the company had highlighted the illegal mining issue for many years and had incurred considerable expense in dealing with illegal mining, which had even led to the company having to close shafts prematurely.

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