Heading to Smart Mining

New research shows that the demand for equipment and technologies based on the 4th generation in the field of smart mining will grow by more than 10% annually. The data of the Transparency Market Research institute shows that mining groups’ investment in such technologies will grow by an average of 10.1% annually between 2021 and 2031, and most of the purchases have been focused on technologies based on connectivity and intelligent automation.

The results of this institute’s estimates show that in this time horizon, mining companies worldwide will invest in these products and solutions to continuously improve safety and strengthen real-time monitoring of equipment, all of which will help them to reach their optimum level. The use of data management and operation software has helped mining companies active in the intelligent mining market earn more income while optimizing the performance of equipment during work. At the same time, such solutions support preventive tool maintenance methods that ensure safer mining. The studies of TMR analysts, which are reflected in this study, show innovation in various parts and equipment, especially in the fields of drilling and crushing, automatic excavators and unloading devices, as well as tools that enable remote mining and exploration activities. which is more popular nowadays.