Mental Health in the Mining Industry

As I was doing a little bit of research about my dissertation, I came to a compelling topic which happens to be one of my main side interests along mining industry. The main topic was about health and safety in the mining industry. However, the specific focus was on the mental health of miners and workers in the mines.

I have come to realize that engineers and geologists are often unfamiliar with the concept of human behavior or at least make an effort to digitize it, and I have to say they have pushed the envelope! But the fact is that you cannot analyze every aspect of a human behavior by mathematics and codes, at least not now or in the near future!

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has done quite amazing job, setting a guideline regarding mental health of Australian miners.

“More than one in five Australian mining industry workers has experienced mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety in the past 12 months,” said Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennett. “But sadly, too many workplaces still do not realise the importance of their employees’ mental health.”

The health of all mining industry employees involves not only physical but also psychological wellness. Mental health, drug use and misuse, smoking, and exhaustion are among the complicated concerns that affect mine workers, according to the Queensland Occupational Health Mining Advisory Committee. We must consider workplace dangers such as harassment and/or workplace bullying, work-related stress, work-related violence, and work-related exhaustion while managing mental health in any organization.

Here you can find the link to MCA guide on mental health and wellness for mining industry employees: